The Philosophy of Chiltern Primary School

  • To provide a happy, healthy, secure and stimulating environment for all members of the school community
  • To assist each child to achieve a positive and respectful attitude to learning, to other members of the school, to other members of the community and themselves
  • To provide for each child’s development through all areas of the curriculum
  • To encourage intellectual curiosity and arouse interest in activities which may be pursued in leisure times
  • To develop confidence in a child by arranging for him or her to earn and experience a measure of success
  • To stimulate interest and involvement of parents and the community in the education of children at Chiltern Primary School


Please note: Chiltern Primary School has actively implemented the Victorian Curriculum.

The School offers Victorian Curriculum programs; Languages Other Than English (LOTE) , Arts, Health and Physical Education and STEM. In addition, many support and enrichment programs also operate to cater for the indiviual needs of our students.


Our school implements school-wide practices in Literacy. Our reading program is based on the Lifelong Readers program which teaches all students useful and important strategies to implement while reading. Spelling is based on the Words Their Way program which is embedded into our daily practice. Both programs allow teachers to plan for individual and differentiated learning for all students.


The school-wide development and implementation of an F-6 Mathematics program allows all students to be taught at their point of need. Our school uses the Number Fluency strategy to analyse every individual students achievement point. Focussed activities are then planned for each student based on the information obtained from the Number Fluency Assessment.

LOTE (Languages Other Than English)

Our school offers a program in Chinese for all students. A specialist teacher is accessed via an on line learning portal to the school, to deliver lessons each week.

Health & Physical Education

We provide a comprehensive Health and PE program, with all students participating in many PE and sporting activities. Students are given the opportunity to participate in many special programs such as; swimming, cross-country,  inter-school sports and camps as part of this curriculum area.


All students are given the opportunity to participate in Music and Creative Art programs at Chiltern Primary School. Participation in; school concerts, assemblies, community functions and the District Arts Festival and Eisteffod enable students to present their creative abilities to the outside community.


The science curriculum is covered in units of work throughout the year in all classes.


Units of work taken throughout the year in an integrated approach to learning cover this curriculum area.


This curriculum area is also covered through an integrated approach in many units of work. Students are given every opportunity to explore their learning in this area of the curriculum. Our new STEM learning hub, gives students the opportunity to actively engage with robotics and technology.