Life Education Van

Last week the students where very excited to have Healthy Harold come and visit them at school.

Students in F/1/2 were taught many interesting things about the importance of safety rules and helping others. 

Our Year 3/4 class learned all about the topic called ‘Mind Your Medicine’ which centers around the understanding different medicines and their purposes. Students were excited to learn all about what the different types of medicines are and how they work in the body, also where to look for safety information and warnings on medicine labels.

The Year 5/6 class learned about a program called ‘Think Twice.‘ This topic covered drinking alcohol in an age appropriate context, including the effects of drinking alcohol, the myths and facts and also armed the students with strategies to respond to social pressure to drink alcohol.

The year 6 students were also given the chance to stay behind and say goodbye to Harold in private as their journey with the Life Education Van has come to an end.

For more information and the Life Education Van Click Here 

healthy haroldHealthy Harold 2