This is an online platform used to communicate upcoming excursions, events and general notices. Excursion permission slips can be authorised and signed online.

Parents are urged to download the order to remain up to date with current information, and if necessary notify the class teacher of student absences. Teachers can communicate with individual parents as required.


The school newsletter is sent home each Thursday with the eldest child in the family. Information on current activities for the school community are featured.


These will sent home as required by the classroom teachers or school council. There is also a Parent Notice board outside the front door and in the foyer where current information is displayed for student and parent attention. Parents are encouraged to contact the school office if they are uncertain about any school activity.


A school assembly occurs every Wednesday morning in the Bristol building. Senior students conduct this assembly and parents are welcome to attend to witness musical items, awards, reports and current information being presented.

Parent Morning Teas and Information Sessions

These are generally held on the first Wednesday of each month immediately after assembly. They may also be held throughout the year on areas of interest to parents or on issues relevant to the curriculum or the implementation of new programs or initiatives.


Parents are invited to visit the school at any time to discuss their child’s progress although we do request that an appointment is made beforehand. If parents have any concerns or questions about any issues relating to the school and its programs, please contact the school directly. We believe that it is preferable to raise issues of concern early so that appropriate action can be taken to benefit all concerned. Early discussion of concerns can assist in solving potential problems as soon as possible.

Parent Teacher Discussions

Formal reporting will occur according to the following time table;

  • March: Parent / Teacher Discussion
  • June: Written Report
  • September: Parent / Teacher Interview on request of either.
  • December: Written Report.

Leaving the Grounds

If parents wish their child to leave school early for any reason, such as medical or dental appointments, a note should be sent to the classroom teacher and you should collect your child and sign them out at the office.