Child Safe Standards

Creating a Childsafe Organisation Guide.pdf

Standard 1 Child Safety and Effective Leadership.pdf

Standard 2 Child Safety Policy Statement 2016.pdf

Standard 3 Acceptable and Unacceptable Behaviours 2016.pdf

Standard 3 Code of Conduct.pdf

Standard 3 VIT Code of Conduct.pdf

Standard 4 Human Resource Practices.pdf

Standard 4 Recruitment Practices.pdf

Incident Report Form.pdf

Mandatory Reporting Policy and Procedures.pdf

Risk Management Approach.pdf

Standard 7 Promote Participation Empowerment of Children.pdf

Tip Sheet Empower participation children.pdf

Other Policies

2018 Student Engagement Policy.pdf

Administration of Medication Policy.pdf

Anaphylaxis Annual Risk Management Checklist.pdf

Anaphylaxis Facilitator notes for twice annual briefings.pdf

Anaphylaxis Individual Management Plan.pdf

Anaphylaxis Policy.pdf

Attendance Policy.pdf

Camps and Excursions.pdf

Chemical Management Procedures Policy.pdf

Chemical Management Procedure.pdf

Child Safety and Reporting.pdf

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy and Procedures.pdf

Communication policy.pdf

Complaints Policy.pdf

Critical Incident Plan.pdf

Curriculum Framework.pdf

Digital Technologies Policy.pdf

Duty of Care Policy.pdf

Enrolment Policy.pdf

Equal Opportunity Policy.pdf

First Aid Policy.pdf

Health Care Needs Policy.pdf

Incident Notification Form.pdf

Inclusion and Diversity Policy.pdf

Local Excursion Permission Form.pdf

Medication Administration Log.pdf

Medication Authority Form.pdf

Risk Management Approach Policy.pdf

Risk Management.pdf

Schools Privacy Policy.pdf

Statement of Values and School Philosophy Policy April 2018.pdf

Student Health Support Plan updated October 2018.pdf

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy February 2018.pdf

Suitability for Employment.pdf

Tenure Renewal Policy.pdf

Visitors Policy.pdf

Work Place Bullying Policy.pdf

Working With Children and Suitability Checks.pdf

WWCC Flow Chart.pdf

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy Parents and Students.pdf

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy Primary School.pdf