School Context

Chiltern Primary School is a rural school of 57 students in a town of 1300 people,  located approximately 30 km south of Wodonga. Our school has a teaching Principal, three classroom teachers, specialist part-time teachers (LOTE and Music), a Business Manager, a Welfare Coordinator and an Education Support Officer, who are engaged to support and extend students with a wide range of learning opportunities. We also receive fortnightly tuition from the MARC Van (Library) and MACC Van (Art). The school has been accredited with a Performance & Development Culture accreditation and continues to maintain that status.

The school works closely to build on home-school-community partnerships. The Principal undertakes the Welfare role, to assist with developing partnerships between all stakeholders. Parent satisfaction surveys consistently rank our school well above state levels.

Our school wishes to strengthen our community of learners to maximise the participation of all stakeholders – students, families and the wider community and promote our school as a centre of excellence, opportunity and inclusion.

Chiltern Primary School enjoys high standards of Literacy and Numeracy based on state-wide benchmarks. At Chiltern Primary School, the dedicated staff is committed to providing students with a broad and practical learning experience incorporating:

  1. A strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy
  2. Thinking skills embedded from Foundation through to Year 6
  3. Specialist Art, Music, Chines and Library programs
  4. Sporting Schools program,  physical education and participation in inter-school sports
  5. A wide range of small group extension and support programs
  6. Provision of LOTE (Chinese)
  7. Numerous opportunities for student leadership, voice and agency
  8. A range of primary interventions that ensure student wellbeing, health and safety

Community engagement that builds on the strong foundations of Literacy and Numeracy are a priority for our school. We have formed strong partnerships with the Chiltern Red Cross and Senior Citizens. We are also partners with the Chiltern Men’s Shed which involves a mentoring project between the members of the shed and our Year 6 students. Our wish is to continue this Community Links program, as it has many positive outcomes for our students.

Modern technologies are embraced and staff take advantage of our wireless computer network, iPads and Notebook program. Every opportunity to access new learnings and opportunities for the implementation of learning technologies is taken. The new 4 meg optic fibre link will enhance our internet speed enabling the further development of multimedia opportunities.

We aim to continue to implement and explore the potential of emerging technologies across F – 6 as tools for student and community engagement and improved learning that meet the needs of students in the 21st century. We have recently created a STEM hub which provides our students with opportunities to expand their knowledge.

The school has excellent facilities with attractive buildings and a range of spacious outdoor facilities with modern playground equipment, creative Play Pod and shade structures. We are keen to develop an outdoor learning space and consider how best we can build up sustainable environment options. In 2008 the construction of a covered outdoor learning area was the first significant step towards this. Overall, the classrooms are well resourced and we have a modern library with an extensive collection of a variety of genre.