School Council

The Chiltern Primary School Council is an elected body of parents and staff who are the governing body of the school. The School Council determines the educational policies and directions of the school and has responsibility for maintaining and developing the school buildings and grounds.

The School Council has two Sub-committees which have specific roles in the administration of the school. Parent involvement is encouraged on these sub committees and areas include, Learning Environment, which encompasses responsibility for the buildings and grounds, fundraising and school policies and Accountability and Management, which is responsible for finances and reporting procedures. Parents are encouraged to become part of the Sub-committees and associated Working Groups.

Elections for School Council are held each February with all parents, guardians and staff being eligible to vote and nominate for positions.

Our 2019 School Councillors are :

Executive Officer –¬† Louise Tempany

President – Amy Lappin

Vice President – Suzanne Clarke

Minute Secretary – Jan Wooldridge

Members – Marelle Whitaker, Sonia Van Klaveren, Debbie Summerfield, Natalie Heaton and Booke Casey